Publishing With XML: Structure, Enter, Publish by Bernard Prost

Publishing With XML

Publishing With XML: Structure, Enter, Publish

We live in the digital age, even us publishers who still hold a love and respect for the physical book, and that being said I doubt there are many publishers out there fighting against the implementation of XML. XML is said to ‘future proof’ us in the publishing industry. It does this by allowing us to ensure our content is ready to be transformed into whatever medium we may so wish to produce it into.

With this in mind I have been studying XML and HTML to a further degree than my previous experience and I happened upon this book by Bernard Prost (recently translated to English from the original French edition) entitled Publishing With XML: Structure, Enter, Publish. Unlike much of the information out there on the internet, this book directly relates XML to the world of publishing and I would highly recommend it for those wishing to understand both the potential and the deeper workings of XML within the publishing industry. It seems to me a great book for beginners and the more advanced alike as Prost clearly lays out even ideal work flows for those incorporating XML into their process.

Translated from French, there are instances in which the expression of the content doesn’t seem to flow at it’s best. There are also some issues in reading the information boxes that are scattered throughout the book (an issue that I’m sure anyone who has read a textbook on their phone or e-reader has come across before) that makes me cry out for a physical copy of this book. However, you are warned at the outset that the book is optimised for larger screens so I accepted that it was my own fault for attempting to read between my phone and Kindle Paperwhite. As it is I can only find the English version on Kindle and it costs £6.49. If, however, you can read French rather well I would urge you to pick up the physical copy entitled XML Pour L’Edition: Structurer, Saisir, Publier (which currently sells in paperback for about £17.93 on Amazon at the moment. The French Kindle edition also sells for £19.99 on Amazon ).

My key advice – take it slowly. The information starts out slowly and easy to understand but if you are a speedy reader as I am you can suddenly find yourself quite lost of all understanding. This being said, I went back and re-read those pages I raced through and the information really did make more sense than my initial scan.

Chapters in this book:

  • Separating content from format
  • The main structural components
  • Writing/Designing a DTD
  • Entering XML
  • Preparing and managing XML mark-up
  • Proofing your XML
  • Transforming the XML with XSLT
  • Publishing for electronic media
  • Publishing for paper

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